How we work

Products and services from abelujo IT are innovative, authentic, and durable. With ease-of-use for everyone and a transparent project management.

Every project has to have a unique look-and-feel. No matter whether you need a website with only a few pages, a physical information kiosk or a huge web portal, we will make sure that no one will mistake yours with that of someone else. Our cooperation with abelujo art and to always start from scratch makes this an easy task.

The goal of outstanding interaction design is to help users accessing the information or functions they need, without previous knowledge. For us the group of users also includes persons administering it and because of that, we apply the same concept to the back-end of your system, too. Together we will always find a way to make your site easy to administer, no matter how much you or your employees know about computers, electronics or the internet.

Transparent Project Management
Big projects tend to become quite stressful in their last stages and especially with web development this is very true. With our own online project management system we want to reduce as much of this stress as possible and make the progress transparent at the same time. You can view and add issues, comment on the progress and (optionally) always get a message, when something is updated. This way a lot of valuable time can be saved, that might otherwise had gone into keeping track of many little things and communicating about them.

Information technology and everything connected to it is our passion. Expect everything you could demand from IT professionals and at the same time get introduced to solutions you might have never heard of. Since we know everything we recommend inside and out, rest assured that despite of the cutting edge character of the technology we use, you always get a rock-solid product.

If you are interested in how to make more climate conscious decisions when it comes to IT projects, you are right with us. Hosting only from inside climate neutral datacenters and always recommending the right instead of overpowered hardware, are just two aspects of durability at abelujo IT. Additionally, we only make use of Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) for your projects, which means you do not have any costs regarding software licenses and will always be able to update it for free.