Map and location

Whether you want a map that shows a couple of store locations for your customers or give an extensive overview of 200.000 addresses – together we will find the right way to make your maps project thrive.

Customization and flexibility
With many ways to change key features of a map, there are countless options to make your map individual. You can customize everything connected to marker or cluster symbols, balloons and what is displayed inside the balloons. Also tagging addresses and having them displayed by special markers according to this tag is possible. And last but not least you can also choose between Google Maps, OpenStreetMap, Yahoo Maps or any other provider or switch in between but keep on using the same system with the same database.

Working with existing data
Whether your addresses are stored in a text- or spreadsheet-document, a database on a website or even just on paper, we will always find a way to use it. If you want to enter data on your own, we can alternatively set you up with an easy to use system where you can import a vast amount of data automatically or one-by-one by hand.

Invest in a system you can built on
Especially a growing database needs to use a system that is easy to expand, robust and safe at the same time. Additionally, it should never give you the feeling that your data is anyhow locked-in. With us you receive a solution that gives you all the flexibility and safety you need. You can start with just a small hosting solution and as the demand grows, your system just grows with it. And if you want to use the database otherwise, a complete or filtered export in a format you can best work with is always just a few clicks away. Even if you decide to use a different platform at a later point, it will never give you headaches.

Take the tour
Interested in an example how all this could look like? Check out our showcase.