Web design

Unique, clear, intuitive and fun to use – these are the cornerstones of web designs by abelujo IT.

Every website deserves its own look and feel
Whether your project is going to be a site, that just serves basic information or a vast web portal with thousands of pages – every website deserves to have its own character. Especially small sites should much more be seen as a free 24/7 advertisement, than just some kind of digital business card. It is your chance to reach an interested audience and already transfer a feeling for your company, organisation or person. Designs by abelujo IT do this, and make sure your site will stand out.

Upgrade your corporate identity
In addition to just a new website, we can also develop or update your corporate identity. This includes all products you use for communication or advertisment like letter template, business cards, signs and free gimmicks you might happen to hand out.

Always start from scratch
In todays webdevelopment world many designs are just based on existing designs that often can even be downloaded for free. Though this might safe a lot of time, we at abelujo IT refrain from this possibility since we believe that this way of working makes it hard to create individual designs. And furthermore it often even turns out to cost more time in the end, since changing something that is created by someone else always takes a little bit more time compared to fine-tuning your own code. That is why we always start with a blank page, that we design step by step and that we know inside out, since it was created by us.

Responsive design
With mobile internet access surpassing desktop computer access in numbers, it is more important than ever that your site is also viewable on a mobile device. Though responsive designs may be able to do this for basic pages that are more or less in a blog format, it might not work for more complex sites. That's why we choose per project whether we use this technique or we create a standalone design for mobile devices. This works by just adding a little module to your site, that checks whether the device accessing your page is a mobile one or not and switches the used template accordingly. It is also possible to do this per brand, e.g. use different designs for Apple or Android tablet computers. By applying this technique much more is possible than just changing the width, font- and button size. Instead you do not only get to choose how something is displayed on different devices, but can also choose what to show or to hide.