With abelujo IT you have found your one-stop shop for your website- or hardware based project. With our vast range of skills in IT, language, psychology, design and law, we will make sure your project will be a success anywhere in the world. After assessing your project our analysis will tell you exactly what you need hardware and software-wise. If you want to do business abroad, it will additionally tell you what to be extra careful about regarding intercultural- and legal differences. Learn more about our central fields of consulting:

Online strategy
Got a plan but don't know the best way to make it work?
Let us analyse your project and get an in-depth assessment of different possible paths to take. Read on...

Dazzled by all the choices for your project?
Let us help you so that you can base your choices on unbiased information that will work. Read on...

Standing on the verge of doing business abroad?
Let us guide you through all the psychological and juridical differences you have to deal with. Read on...

You have a great site but it is not listed under the first search results on Google, Yahoo, ...?
We help you getting it there. Read on...