Data and statistics

We just love everything connected to vast amounts of strings and numbers and can assist you in managing, interpreting and publishing any amount of data on-line.

Dynamic displays
Especially with growing data-sets, having a quick look at updated graphs and calculations can turn out to not work that quick after all. With a safe, on-line system, where all data is collected on one central server, every graph and every table will always be calculated dynamically. Everyone who is granted access to this system can check out updated analysis at any time – even taking the data entry into account, that just happened ten seconds ago.

Integrating data
In case you already have data, we can work with everything. Whether your dataset is stored using a statistics or spreadsheet program, in a database, published on a website or just printed on paper - we will always find a way to publish and integrate it.

Profit from our hard- and soft-skills
Just making data accessible on-line is quite easy. Creating the possibility to interactively browse it already needs some skills. But the biggest challenge in publishing data on-line is to decide how and what to display. Every database is different and needs individual decisions about what is interesting to the user. With our inter disciplinary skills we include technical and psychological factors from the very beginning and will always find a way that fits your individual data best.

Centralized database for research
If you are in the first phase of manually collecting data, why not make it easy and safe from the very beginning? We can provide you with individual designed input masks that your employees would access with any browser over an encrypted connection. No more worries about bits of data being stored vulnerably on many devices in many places, differences in file-formats or software licenses.

Integrating off-line collected data
In case you can not go online during parts of your research, we can equip you with an off-line system, that would sync its data with the main database once you are online again. This could be a battery powered, standalone server that comes with its own Wi-Fi access point your employees can connect to. But it could also come in form of a pre-installed USB stick or just being installed next to all your programs. Once you are done collecting data off-line, you can integrate it into the main data set by the click of a button or automatically.

Take the tour!
Interested in what all this could look like? We imported a database about marriage status from a random country, where every of the ~2600 items consists of marriage status, age group and year of record. You can view the data in a table, a pie graph, an area graph or column chart and filter it to answer different questions. Every display is dynamically calculated and would change as soon as additional is added.

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